More than 18,000 visitors to the gallery. Yet there is no sound. It’s hard to imagine anything like that on the football field. Everyone had to face something like that in the match between Denmark and Finland last night. In the 41st minute of the match, Christian Eriksen suddenly fell face down.

The medical team rushed to the spot and rushed Eriksen to the hospital. Knowing his condition was stable, the two teams called to play the match after about two and a quarter hours. Denmark lost the match 1-0, but the result did not become the main thing yesterday. Ericsson’s physical condition was the main topic of discussion.

The midfielder’s condition is now stable, the Danish Football Association said today. However, he has been kept in the hospital for further observation and examination.


Christian Eriksen suddenly fell on the field during yesterday’s Euro match against Finland. His teammates are busy with his recovery.
Fifteen minutes of horrific panic engulfed the football world yesterday. For a while, everything seemed normal. But everyone panicked when the scene of the emergency medical team trying to normalize breathing by pressing on the chest was caught on a TV camera. Eriksen was later taken off the field on a stretcher.


Ericsson’s girlfriend is being comforted by Danish goalkeeper Smykel and captain Kayar.
Ericsson’s girlfriend is being comforted by Danish goalkeeper Smykel and captain Kayar. Photo: Reuters
Soon after, positive news came about Eriksen. It is known that this Inter Milan footballer had knowledge at the time of leaving the field. After the field, the Danish footballers went down to play after talking to Eriksen. Today, the Danish Football Federation has given good news about Eriksen. Wrote on Twitter, ‘This morning we spoke with Christian Eriksen. Greetings to teammates. He is in good condition and has been kept in hospital for further tests.

Eriksen, 29, fell to the ground while receiving a throw-in near Finland’s D-Box yesterday. Captain Simon Kerr initially confirmed that his breathing was not blocked. The rest of the teammates stood around Eriksen and created a human wall so that the medical team could work smoothly. Supporters of both parties expressed their love for them at this time. Denmark and Finland — both pro-Eriksen slogans.

Ericsson’s privacy was respected while being removed from the field on a stretcher. That was also done with the two flags of their country given to the supporters of Finland. Expressing gratitude for this love on the part of Danish football, ‘All the members and staff of the national team have been given the necessary assistance in case of emergency and have been cooperating with each other in this way since yesterday’s incident. We would like to thank the supporters, the players, the royal family of Denmark and England, the international organization, the club, and all those who have shown sympathy