The question is usually asked about Messi. What can you do now?

Another Copa America is starting tonight in Bangladesh time. For the Argentine star who has won everything possible in his club career, this is the last chance to win something for the national team. But when the question of winning something for the country is raised, why would Neymar be left out?

Neymar has been playing for Brazil for a decade. But he could not do anything

When he has football on his feet, and when he keeps his mind on the field, it becomes difficult to move his eyes. Nature has given him a generous hand, but his scattering can be seen in the field. However, the football fans fainted. A whimsical artist’s brushstroke is translated into Neymar’s feet on the football field. Brazil’s long-standing grief has been alleviated by his touch. Neymar has fulfilled his promise to bring gold to Olympic football in 2016. But he achieved for the Olympic team.

In Brazil, Neymar’s hand is as empty as Messi’s. One of the best of the generation. Everyone knew him four years before he left for Europe. He was supposed to understand the realm of football by surpassing Messi and Ronaldo. The dream of bringing another World Cup to Brazil started from the very beginning. But to keep the Brazilians waiting, he is 29 years old, almost nothing has been done for Neymar. A few days later, the era of debut in the national team will be completed, but the receipt book is a FIFA Confederations Cup.


But it was not supposed to happen. In 2014, Brazil dreamed of winning the World Cup by relying on Neymar. But in that World Cup, Neymar’s spine was broken, Brazil’s dream was broken. Then Brazil played another World Cup, Copa played a few more, but Neymar’s receipt was zero. Brazil, however, did not remain absolutely zero. Brazil has stopped the drought of winning any big title by winning the 2019 Copa America in 12 years. But she happily did not give Neymar a chance to be a mother.

Brazil’s title win has again raised questions about Neymar. Did the game centering on him become a big problem for Brazil? Returning from injury in the 2018 World Cup, Neymar has become lifeblood and has made everyone disgusted with the opposite, and the balance of the team has also been upset because of him. In his absence in 2019, Brazil played as a team. The coach brought the desired success to the team by using other talents in the team instead of relying on just one superstar.

His play on the field is like an artist’s brushstroke. But he did not win much for Brazil.
So the question arose as to whether Brazil could not come down without Neymar. Neymar will have to answer that question. You are in great form. He has scored 5 goals in the last three matches of the World Cup qualifiers. He is also scoring goals with his teammates like a real play-maker. But everyone will forget that as soon as the tournament starts. Neymar will be responsible for the team that has never failed to win at home.

This year’s Copa America has become a valuable political weapon for the Brazilian president, who has repeatedly made headlines for the wrong reasons. Jair Bolsonaro is using this trophy as a weapon to make a football-mad country forget all the problems. Neymar, who wants to forget the regret of not winning anything for the national team, may have prayed for this cup in his heart.

The Brazilian court granted that prayer. Before the start of the tournament, Bolsonaro smiled broadly at the winner. But Neymar does not have that way. His ordeal, which begins today with a match against Venezuela, will be considered a failure if he fails to lift the trophy in Maracana on July 10

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