Mrittunjoy Chowdhury is a upcoming pacer of Bangladesh national cricketer team. He was part of Bangladesh’s squad for the 2020 Under-19 Cricket World Cup, but he was not complete the tournament for an injury. Mrittunjoy Chowdhury was born on 28 June 2001 in Sathkhira, Bagerhat.

Mrityunjoy Chowdhury, who is awaiting his debut in the national team, is currently playing for the Bangladesh A team and was a standby in the XI of the Asia Cup. Currently waiting to have T20 World Cup squad. Mrityunjay, who bowled well in death overs, is in the eyes of the selectors.

In addition to doing well in age-based cricket, Mrityunjoy has already made his name known in fast class cricket as well. In addition to doing well in the Bangladesh Premier League and National League, he has shown extraordinary skill with a hat-trick in the last BPL.


Place of birth and family

Mritunjoy Chowdhury was born in Hijaldi village of Kalaroa upazila of Satkhira. His full name is Md. Mritunjoy Chowdhury Nipun and his nickname is Mritun. Father Tohajjal Hussain was a school teacher and mother a housewife. Currently living in Dhaka along with elder brother and parents.

Mrityunjay’s father is currently retired after completing his teaching career and his elder brother has completed his studies from Jagannath University and is currently working. Father Tofajjal Hossain’s dream was to make Mrityunjoy a cricketer, but as Satkhira did not have enough facilities to become a cricketer, he came to Dhaka and admitted Mrityunjoy to the CCA Cricket Academy.

Mrityunjay’s story of becoming a cricketer

His parents moved to Dhaka with his family in 2010 due to his elder brother’s studies and his cricket career. Admitted to Abhani Cricket Academy in 2012. In the beginning, Mrityunjay’s time in Dhaka was not good. Their problems were solved by Mrityunjay’s brother’s job.

At the age of 11, Dipu Roy joined Chowdhury Sir’s Cricket Coaching School. After that, Ehsan was admitted to Sir’s Academy. He started playing age group cricket from Dhaka city. Pace bowling was innate to Mrityunjay, so he quickly broke the ladder of the age-based team and took the place of the Bangladesh youth team.

In 2018, he toured India for U-17 team to play against Afghanistan U-17 team. On that tour, Satkhira’s young Mruthinjay made his mark by destroying the opposing batsmen with great cutting and reversing. After that, he performed well in the Under-19 tri-nation series on the tour of England and got a place in the Youth World Cup team.

Being a fan of Mrityunjay’s father, Wasim Akhtar, he wanted to see his son as a left-arm pace bowler. Son Mrityunjoy is also determined to fulfill his father’s dream. Although he has good batting skills, he has become a missing pacer. He prefers death over bowling, so he has made himself an effective death over announcer.

Religion of Mritunjoy Chowdhury

Although the name “Mrityunjoy Chowdhury” may sound like traditional religionists, the full name of Mrityunjoy Chowdhury is Md. Mrityunjoy Chowdhury Nipun. From the religious point of view, Md. Mritunjoy Chowdhury Nipun is a Muslim cricketer. He was born in a Muslim noble family in Hijaldi village of Kalaroa upazila of Satkhira, his father’s name is Tohajjal Hossain.

Study of Mritunjoy Chowdhury

Mrityunjay was very good at studies since childhood. He was able to continue his studies very well till the seventh standard. But due to his focus on playing good cricket and fulfilling his father’s dream, Mruthinjay did not study properly. At first, Mritunjay’s father was skeptical about his son, but later, after playing well in various places, when he got the opportunity of the youth team, he became free of worries.

Mrityunjoy’s favorite sportsman and idol

Every sportsperson has an idol or a favorite player, just like Mrityunjay has a favorite player. Like Ripon Mondal, another member of the Youth World Cup team, Mrityunjoy also wants to create a storm of pace like South Africa’s pace star Daley Steyn in the bowling. But Daylister is not out of his favorite player.

Mrityunjay’s favorite players are England’s Ben Stokes and Bangladesh’s Shakib Al Hasan. Both are all-rounders and both made special contributions for their teams in the game as well as Shakib Al Hasan‘s cool-headed play impressed Mrityunjoy.

Mrityunjay’s age

On January 28, 2022, Mrityunjay completed 21 years. He is currently 21 years 7 months 11 days old. Mritunjoy Chowdhury was born on January 28, 2001.

Height of Mrityunjay

Mritunjoy Chowdhury is a long-serving Bahati pacer. Mrityunjoy Chowdhury‘s height is 5 feet 10 inches which helps him with his fast bowling. Being a 5ft 10in tall and easy going bowler, Mritunjoy Chowdhury has advantages in bowling speed, cutting, reversing and yorker.

Mrityunjay’s style of play

Basically, Mritunjoy Chowdhury is a Bahati pacer. Along with pace bowling, you can play a good role in the team’s victory by batting in the lower order. Bahati hard hitter this batsman is adept at scoring runs quickly. His bowling strengths are hitting the length and cutting over the date, reversing and yorkering. Apart from doing well in the Bangladesh Premier League and the National League, he has also shown great skill with a hat-trick in the last BPL.

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