Ronnie Dean Coleman is an American professional bodybuilder. By profession, he is a police officer. He is a landmark of world bodybuilding. He is famous all over the world for his muscular body.

Ronnie Coleman’s Net Worth:

His net worth is 2.5 million US dollars which is huge for a bodybuilder.  He is one of the richest bodybuilders in the world. He is 8 times the winner of Mr. Olympia.

Ronnie Coleman’s Biceps Size

Ronnie Coleman’s Bicep size is 23 inches which are rare in bodybuilding. He cannot buy suits for himself because of his huge biceps size. He needs to stitch his suits from tailors according to his bicep size.

Ronnie Coleman’s Chest Size

His chest size is 54 inches. In bodybuilding history, very few bodybuilders have this wide chest. For his chest, he looks more than a monster.

Ronnie Coleman’s Girlfriend

His girlfriend’s name is Susan Williamson.  It is said that Susan was his personal trainer when he was preparing for Mr. Olympia. His girlfriend is his legally wedded wife now.

Height and Weight

Ronnie Coleman’s height is 5.11 feet and his weight is 130-135 kilograms. 130-135 is in his preparation time for Mr. Olympia but 140-145 kilograms is in his off-season time.

Ronnie Coleman’s Birth Date and Age

Ronnie Coleman is 58 years old.  He was born in May 13 in 1964.

Successor and Predecessor

His successor is Jay Cutler who was once a great bodybuilder. Jay Cutler is 7 times Mr. Olympia. Ronnie Coleman’s predecessor is Dorian Yates who is also a great professional bodybuilder.

Ronnie Coleman’s Personal Life

Coleman is a devout Christian. He met French-Lebanese personal trainer Rouaida Christine Achkar at a sports exposition in Paris in March 1998, and they were married in Beirut on December 28, 2007. They divorced soon after. Coleman married American personal trainer Susan Williamson on April 11, 2016. They reside in Arlington, Texas, and have four children together.

In June 2020, Coleman revealed that he can no longer walk unassisted due to botched surgical procedures. Saying that he may never walk again, Coleman blamed his problems on questionable surgeries and noted that his last 3 surgeries cost a total of $2 million.