Mohammedan captain Shakib Al Hasan has been banned for four matches for violating the code of conduct in the Abahani-Mohammedan match. A source from Mohammedan Club informed about the matter in the first light.

Masuduzzaman, head of the Mohammedan cricket committee, confirmed the matter in the first light. “We have not made a decision,” he said. But they (BCB umpires committee) have proposed 4 matches.

Shakib was given the punishment for breaking the two-point stump in the Dhaka Premier League match against Abahani yesterday, expressing dissatisfaction with the umpire’s decision.

During his bowling in the Abahani-Mohammedan match, Shakib kicked the stumps after the umpire did not respond to LBW’s request against Abahani captain Mushfiqur Rahim. When it rained in the next over, the umpire stopped the game and Shakib picked up the stumps again.

On the way back to the dressing room, Shakib was seen looking at the gallery and making indecent gestures. At that time, Abahani’s coach Khaled Mahmood also left the dressing room and started walking towards Mohammedan.

Shakib was also seen running away. Later, the cricketers of the two teams released the two. Later, Shakib went to Abahani’s dressing room and apologized to Mahmud.


He also apologized through social media for the misconduct on the field, saying, ‘Dear fans and followers, I am sincerely sorry for losing my temper. I apologize for ruining the match. Especially those who are sitting at home watching the game. For an experienced cricketer like me, such behavior is by no means desirable. But sometimes, unfortunately, it happens. I apologize to the team, management, and tournament committee for this human error. I hope this will not happen again in the future. Thank you, love, for all. ‘

Shakib protested the umpire’s decision twice in the Abahani-Mohammedan match yesterday.
Shakib protested the umpire’s decision twice in the Abahani-Mohammedan match yesterday.
A few days ago, Shakib apologized for breaking the biological barrier of the Dhaka Premier League. Even before this, Shakib has been disciplined more than once in domestic and international cricket. He has been punished for them at different times.

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